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Big Store-wide Sale


OR 3 FOR $10


Biggest Sale Ever!

Biggest Sale Ever!

This is the biggest sale we have ever had.  Go ahead, ask me for the reason.  I’m 91 years old for heaven’s sake.  I don’t need a reason. I have to face facts.  How long am I going to be around?  So I have to start getting rid of some of this inventory.  At $3.99, believe me, there’s a lot of bargains here.  This goes for every hard cover book in the shop, all the art books, the coffee-table books, the old books, all of it.  I have to move some of it out, to make room for batches we are schlepping in from the warehouse, which we are doing every day. (Well, I’m not doing it, but my “boys”, the “youngsters” who are only in their 70’s are doing the lifting.  I’m not supposed to lift anything heavier than a taco.)

How long is this sale going to last?  I’m not sure, better get in here before I change my mind.  And by the way, a lot of the books are even less than $3.99.  Plus hundreds of paperbacks, also discounted at least 50%.